How Guidepost Counselling Helps


Most of us, at some time, face challenges in life that we cannot seem to overcome on our own or with the help of friends or family. These challenges often include situations, feelings, thoughts, or behaviours -  whether the behaviour is others' or our own -  that are upsetting and disrupt our lives and relationships. Counselling can provide a safe place to explore and work through these challenges.


Counselling can also provide a safe place to explore new ways of being, to bring about positive growth, and to learn helpful tools to boost day-to-day functioning and improve relationships.


Guidepost Counselling can provide this safe place.


Elizabeth at Guidepost Counselling and Consultation will work with you on your goals, with compassion and without judgement, in the areas of:




Trauma Recovery 


  • Sexual Assault

  • Physical or Sexual Abuse

  • Accidents

  • Crimes

  • Combat Experiences

        and other traumatic events


Gender and Sexuality

Grief or Loss




Meaning/Existential Issues

Life Transitions

Anger Management


and more.


Elizabeth works with adults, young adults, and teens, and is *CVAP-registered for victims of crime.


Please call or e-mail for more information, or for a free telephone consultation.


*(CVAP - Call 1-866-660-3888 or see the following website for more information about counselling benefits via the Crime Victim Assistance Program: )  

Please note, a small co-pay fee will apply.